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Super Million Hair - 25gm variety of colours.

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  • Super Million Hair consists of fine particles of artificial hair which are sprinkled on your natural thinning hair to give the impression of a thicker and fuller head of hair. After the fibres have been placed on the thinning area, they are then held in place by a specially formulated mist which acts as a bonding agent interlocking the fibres to the hair. Super Million Hair is used by men and women of all ages.
Super Million Hair is easy to apply and looks and feels completely natural.
Super Million Hair is NOT a cure for baldness, but it will make your head look as if you have got a head full of hair and it is completely unnoticeable.
Available in a shade that will match the colour of your hair.


For a cosmetic solution to hair loss Super Million Hair gives the appearance of a full head of hair in a matter of seconds. Fibres attach themselves to the hair that’s there thickening it up. It’s available in a range of colours that will match your own. Drop in to the shop to see it working. Perfect for covering an emerging bald spot. I wish I’d had it in time for my school reunion. It’s amazingly natural looking. The accompanying spray will make sure it all stays in place in wind or rain.

This bottle should last, depending on amount you need, approximately 65 applications with normal use.

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