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Crew Forming Cream

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  • Crew Forming Cream


Medium hold with medium shine.
Easy to use styling cream works well for all hair types. Forming Cream provides hold, excellent pliability, and a natural shine. This product also helps hair look thicker and is ideal for easing new users into the potential of styling jar products.

Application: Work a small amount evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired.

Features: Water Based, Lanolin Wax, Sucrose, PVP Copolymer, Glycerin.

Benefits: Shampoos out easily without residue, humectant that provides movable hold, conditions and moisturizes hair, a holding agent that encourages firmness, body and fullness to the hair, softens and swells the hair shaft making hair appear thicker.

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    Absolute Must Have !!!!!

    Posted by Gavin on 12th Dec 2015

    I like a good hair style as much as the next person but to say im useless at styling hair is an understatement god im terrible and im talking the simplest of styles, I have short hair and everything is a challange and to make matters worse my wife is a hair stylist and cuts my hair in a way that its very easy to manage but yet I still cant manage it look some people have an eye for this things and some dont but anyway I have tried loads of different products over the years and this year I can across a brand called by vilan I went threw alot of youtube videos etc which most clearly state this is so easy to work with for people that are not great for managing hair ticks all my boxes so onto there website I bought by vilan sidekick prespray, by vilan silver fox wax and by vilan blow now for those who haven't came across this brand this stuff aint cheap by anymeans I think for the 3 it was €57 incl postage but I was determined, after a couple of months of using this product I have the same very bad days with a handful of ok days so I went in search again for something else this is where american crew forming cream came into the picture, I done the same thing as I did with the by vilan looked up videos and reviews and here I was again more money down on false promises but I took a gamble and just bought it and boy did that gamble pay of I don't know where this stuff has been all my life its absolutely brilliant doing styles isnt a issue it has a fantastic hold and in my hair a natural finish this will be the only product I will ever use again the im sorry for the long review but I wanted to be as honest as I could and I think this product deserves the credibility and so does the service at knights shaving and the strangest thing of all to me is I never ever leave product reviews....

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