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Captain Fawcetts Moustache Wax - Sandalwood

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  • Captain Fawcetts Moustache Wax - Sandalwood


Captain Fawcett's Lavender Moustache Wax is formulated to help gentlemen keep a stiff upper lip regardless, this ultra stiff, colourless wax has a very light sandalwood fragrance.

Top tips for maintaining a stiff upper lip.

  • Keep wax warm in either a waistcoat or trouser pocket.
  • Use the back of your finger nail to remove a small amount of wax from the jar.
  • Soften wax between thumb and forefinger, smooth into your moustache in an outwards & upwards motion. 
  • Adding a little wax in a final twisting flourish to your by now perky tips will ensure a tip top finish.
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