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Irish Examiner writes about the Male Grooming trend.

Knights of the Green founder, Herman Koster gets quoted in a very good article in the Irish Examiner about male grooming.

"Hair care is the most important part of any man’s grooming regime. Herman Koster agrees. He’s the man credited with bringing the tonsorial art back into fashion when he opened Dublin’s Knights on The Green back in 1989.

“Before Knights, barbershops were subterranean affairs, where men went to be shorn in respectful silence. There was no ‘would you like a cup of coffee?’ You were given a copy of the Racing Post and sat quietly waiting your turn.

“Knights offered comfy chairs and hot towel shaves. Irishmen loved the concept. Now they come in and tell us what blade they want used and are aware of all the products available to them. They are becoming so metrosexual that they are buying products to match the tiles in the bathroom.”

What are his top grooming tips? “Look after your hair. A really good cut can make your face fashionable. And shave properly. Stretch and pinch your skin and avoid old-fashioned aftershave. Use balm. Kiss loads of women too, as the friction is like a good facial massage. And remember: fashion fades, but style remains.”

How male Grooming went mainstream

6th Mar 2014 Greg Koster

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